Building Services

Yes!, we do commission builds, every model is different and everyone's pocket is at a different level and here at Starfleet Model Academy we understand that. If you have a model you would like built we ask that you send us an e-mail  to and tell us what the model is you would like built, and any and all custom work you would like done, lighting, photo etch, etc. From their we will contact you via e-mail with a quote for your build, if the numbers work you will then be asked to send us your model and any and all custom parts you have, along with a down payment. If you do not have the model or not sure where to get a certain part or custom kit we will find it for you, inform you the cost for that part and where you can buy that part.  We will also send you a builders agreement that outlines the build with the cost of that build, along with payments to be made, and shipping to your home etc. Progress of your build will be posted on YouTube for you to see , at the end of the build you will also receive a DVD with the complete build from us.  So if you have a model you would like built and don't have the time or know how send us an e-mail at for a quote. Thank You!